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Nookie Glaze

Nookie Glaze

Dealing with BV, vaginal odor, or constant yeast infections is annoying and embarrassing. You don’t feel like your best self when you’re walking around with daily vaginal discomfort. 

If you’re suffering from any of the above, try the Pink Nookie Glaze. 

Pink Nookie Glaze is a natural serum created to maximize vaginal health. Its made with plant-based ingredients ensuring a balanced vagina where its hard for yeast and bad bacteria to grow. Our customers even use it to soothe rashes and other skin irritations. 

Aside from the health benefits, Pink Nookie Glaze users rave about how it enhances pleasure during sexual intercourse for her and him. Fair warning, there will be fireworks.

Glaze responsibly and leave us a review when you come back down from that magic carpet ride. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Brenda Higgins
I love the fact that it’s all natural

Back in April I was diagnosed with cancer and had no clue as to how many different medications I would be on and all the side affects. This has been a life saver for my Nookie Cookie. Keep doing what you’re doing. Your passion shows in your product.

Kala Monroe

Absolutely love it !!

Elizabeth Pettis
Don’t be a rookie shop pink nookie!

The slogan speaks for itself. I love the nookie fruit cleanser and glaze! They are definitely a must in my daily routine! That nookie fruit and glaze works miracles while on your cycle! Thanks Bre for creating pink nookie. You have a forever customer in me!

Carla Pierce
Nookie Glaze

It was tingly!! Loved the smell and the feel of it.

Mandi Lynn

Glaze is probably my favorite product from Pink Nookie aside from the cleanser. It really keeps you feeling fresh. I’ve also used it for my periods and has worked wonders with my cramps. Pimples too. This product works magic for several different issues.