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pHresh Pitts

pHresh Pitts

Raise your hand if you tried natural deodorant, but gave up because they just didn’t cut it. After all, what’s the point of having fresh Nookie in the jar if those armpits stink? 

Unlike other natural deodorants that wear off halfway through the day, PHresh Pitts outlasts sweat and cuts odors for 8 hours from the time of application. Aluminum free. Chemical free.

Less fake stretching to check for musty odor and more going from work to a cocktail hour knowing you still smell good. 

Tested and customer approved in Texas July heat!

Discontinue use if irritation occurs
These statements are not backed by the FDA.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, arrowroot powder, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E 

How to use: Apply 2-3 strokes of your deodorant to clean dry skin. Reapply as needed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Didn’t work for me overnight

The deodorant didn’t work for me when I tried it the 1st time overnight. I showered, and put a generous amount on before bedtime, but by morning it had worn off after 6 hrs of sleep. I’m concerned if I wear it during the day it may wear off, and leave me feeling less than fresh. I may try it again overnight, just to be sure.

Big Red
A life changer

I’ve always struggled with sweating really bad. I would never really have a musty odor but I would sweat threw my shirts 10-15 minutes after putting them on. My boobs are a size 40DDD so underneath gets hot and sweaty as well 🥵 My sister bought me the original & lavender kind for my birthday and I haven’t touched my old deodorants! I’ve spent so much unnecessary money before this trying every deodorant…. This one is here a life changer. I don’t sweat under my arms nearly as much now and my boob sweat has been maintained lol. I also work in the hospital 8-10 hour shifts and still smell just as fresh when i left the house 😍🤪😘😻 Thanks Bree, aka, the Nookie Fairy 🧚🏽‍♀️

So great for hs

I have hs and all deodorants I try make me have crazy flares I used to use dove because I couldn’t just go without but I’m so glad I made the change because this one has such good coverage and my arm pits look so much better and my pores are not getting all clogged. I started with the original and have tried both other scents now the eucalyptus mint is my favorite


I just recently started using the deodorant I was kinda on a 50/50 like it an don’t like it type of thing BUT….I actually like it now I really like how thick it is an it leaves my underarms smelling like absolutely nothing at all there’s no smell an I like that about it from 7am till I take my shower before bed there’s still no smell at all you really did your thing with the deodorant ma’am 🩷🩵

Tee E Vet
Stands the rest of time…

I’ve recently started back working out and I must say I’m very pleased with how the pHresh Pitts has been working. I’m naturally not a sweaty person, so the deodorant does just fine for day to day activities but when I workout, I excessively sweat. And since I workout after work, meaning I’ve been up since 5a and I’m working out at 7p, I’m really putting my deodorant to the test, and it’s passing with flying colors. So of you’re worried about Natural Deodorant not working, don’t be.