The Day I Fell in Love With My Nookie

The Day I Fell in Love With My Nookie

Breuana Murphy

Hey, beautiful Nookie Baes!

I’m Breuana Murphy, the heart and soul behind Pink Nookie. Today, I want to share a bit of my journey, a story about falling in love—not with Hip Hop—but with something just as personal: my nookie! Yes, that’s right. The day I fell in love with my own feminine health was the day everything changed, not just for me, but for every woman I’ve reached since.

Growing up, I was that girl who was always curious about how my body worked. I would bug my mom to get me books on feminine hygiene; I was fascinated by the human body, hormones and health down there. Oddly enough, my mom, like many from her generation, never talked much about feminine care. It was like a taboo topic, so my curiosity led me to the books where I'd read up on human anatomy and feminine hygiene. But, it wasn’t until I got older, married, and pregnant that the real challenges kicked in. Between my sweet husband and my beautiful pregnancy, my pH levels were like a DJ spinning out of control—not in a good way. I kept getting hit with BV, yeast infections, and those dreaded UTIs. The antibiotics I was prescribed? My body laughed and said, "Nope!" I was immune, frustrated, and not to mention, I was broke.

But necessity breeds invention, right? With limited funds and a fierce determination to find a solution, I turned to my EBT food stamp card, not for groceries, but to pick up natural ingredients that could help me craft my own remedies. That’s how Pink Nookie was born—out of my kitchen, with lots of love and a whole lot of desperation.

Now, let’s talk real for a moment. BV, yeast infections, and UTIs are more common than you might think. They touch the lives of so many women around us. And yet, we whisper about these issues like they’re dirty little secrets to be ashamed of. Why the secrecy when every woman battles these at some point?

That’s why I started Pink Nookie. I'm on a mission to normalize conversations around feminine care. No woman should ever feel embarrassed or alone in dealing with feminine health issues. By sharing our stories and supporting each other, we can all fall in love with taking care of our nookies. (Join The Nookie Club here if this sounds like a tribe you’d like to be a part of). 

So, whether you’re battling pH imbalances, searching for natural options, or just looking to maintain that fresh feeling all day—Pink Nookie is here for you. We’re all about empowerment, health, and a whole lot of love for your most intimate needs.

Thanks for letting me share my heart and my story. Here’s to all of us falling in love with our health and embracing our bodies with pride!

With all the love and freshness, 

Breuana Murphy

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